Start today and build your realtime app

You know better than anyone the application or system you want to build. At CKMIO, we get out of your way for your business choice. We manage the infrastructure for you and let you choose the programming language and the platform you want to build on.
Or, maybe you've got this legacy app for which you want to replace the communication system to stop losing critical messages.
Whatever the case, now is the time for you to start! Let' do this, Choose the pattern you want to work with.

Pub Sub

You can choose to go classic and start with classical pub sub pattern. The main API surface is straightforward if you choose this route. You can send objects back and forth in the format of your choice.



Help downstream cope with large amounts of data they are interested in and choose funnels API. Create one stream and let the subscribers use what they need. We will make sure the data is filtered at our servers before delivery.



Start building communication systems based on identity for message delivery. It' s about chat and other types of applications. Let' know what you want to build.

rss_feed Classical Pub Sub

Go classic and use Pub Sub...
You can send objects back and forth in the format of your choice. It's really easy with ckmio. Just program your system with pub/sub pattern and let us manage the message delivery.

filter_list Funnels

Need server side filtering? Use funnels...
Funnels let you prevent your downstream subscribers from receiving too much information the are not interested in. It also helps creating consistent channels of diffusion and let the subscribers tell which information they are interested in. Filtering is done at the server side and funnels expect to receive objects in JSON format. Let our servers work a bit for you!
Stream feedi
Downstream receiver

chat Chat

Need identity based delivery? Start with Chat.
Chat is not only human interaction in the. It can be much more. Start building communication systems based on identity for message delivery. Use your imagination applications and we are sure that you'll find many applications. Let' know what you build with this API.

Connect all your devices

Connect all your devices using CKMIO API and let your user have the same great experience everywhere.


Your language, your platform

Use CKMIO API across a wide range of languages and built fault-tolerant maintainable distributed systems.


Secure your system

Use TLS and Trusted peers features to secure the communication systems you are building.

Here is our team

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Abdoulaye Sissokho

Abdoulaye has helped write software for pricing, risk and market data management at various financial firms. Now continues at CKMIO.

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Head of Marketing

C.J has managed marketing teams in asset management field for about 10 years. She has been very active in building strong relationship with institutional clients. At CKMIO, C.J manages the marketing strategy.

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Tahibou Diop
Head of Sales

Tahibou has an extensive experience helping build ergonomic software for asset managers and audit companies. His enthusiasm and professionalism help us shape CKMIO and drive pricing strategies and making partnerships.

Work with us

Divide details about your product or agency work into parts. Write a few lines about each one and contact us about any further collaboration. We will responde get back to you in a couple of hours.

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