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We develop CKMIO clients and delivery them to the community using our Github official account.
You can visit it to discover the easiest way for you to get started.
You can find examples on how to get started with C#, java or javascript.

.NET Client

Create .Net Framework or .Net Platform applications easily by using the ckmio-csharp client. We show you a little example to start from. Visit the project on github and get started.


Create application using java to target many platforms including Desktop, server, and Android with ckmio-java client. Funnels, topics and chat are explained on the starter example.

Javascript (node)

Connect external services to your node js application in a loosely coupled manner using ckmio-node client. A nice example is given on our starter projet on Github. Visit the project on github and get started.

rss_feed Community Keys

At CKMIO, we let users have the experience of using our service without subscribing. On our github account, you will find a valid community set of keys. Use them to get the idea of how using the service might look like in your application. Beware, it's nowhere near the service level you will have when subscribing, you might collide with other people,'s all good. Go to our Github official account and get started.
Client instanciation
Client instanciation
Client instanciation

favorite Your favorite language is not there yet?

Please send us a request at ckmio support team. We'll be happy to create it and maybe you can get involved in the process. See you soon and happy hacking.

codeCKMIO on Github

Global repository : CKMIO projects
.NET Platform : ckmio-csharp.
JVM Platform : ckmio-java
Node js : ckmio-node